The Cost Dashboard enables you to view and analyze your cost. You can explore your usage using the graphs and the value cards. You can view data for up to the last 12 months, and check whether you are approaching one of the limits of your subscription plan. You can use Cost Dashboard to identify areas that need further inquiry and see trends that you can use to understand your costs.

Introduction and How to Access the Dashboard

The Cost dashboard is available only to users belonging to the content/admin group. Access the Cost Explorer Dashboard by clicking on the Dashboards tile and selecting Cost Dashboard.

Access to the Cost Dashboard

Selecting Cost Dashboard will open a dedicated page, where you would be able to see your generated cost for the current month and get an overview of how your cost has changed over time.

Time Period

All costs shown in the card value boxes are for the current month only

Cost Dashboard Categories

The Cost Dashboard contains the following sections:




The Vidispine monthly license fee

Storage Base

The cost for the pre-paid base storage

Flex Storage

The cost for the extra storage used above the pre-paid base storage


The sum of all costs

Cost Over Time

Presents the over-time cost generated by your account. It takes into account the Vidispine, the Base, and the Flex storage fees*

Next Steps

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