The Consumption Dashboard enables you to view and analyse your usage. You can explore your usage using the graphs and the value cards. You can view data for up to the last 12 months, and check whether you are approaching one of the limits of your subscription plan. You can use Consumption Dashboard to identify areas that need further inquiry and see trends that you can use to understand your usage.

Introduction and How to Access the Dashboard

This dashboard is available to users belonging to the content/operator and content/admin group. You can access the Consumption Explorer by clicking on the Dashboard(s) tile.

Consumption Dashboard Access

This will open a dedicated page, where you would be able to see your consumption and get a better understanding of the limits imposed by your current subscription plan.

Subscription Plan Limitation

All the limits for your subscription plan are shown on the dashboard in the form <current_consumption> / <limit>

Consumption Dashboard Categories




Number of the users configured in the Cloud Archive Recipe

Metadata Storage

The size of your Vidispine database


The number of assets uploaded in your Riedel S3 object storage

Assets Storage

The storage size of all your stored assets

Assets Storage Over Time

Graph presenting how much the size of your assets has grown over time

Access Usage*

The number of days the Vidispine instance has been working for the current month

Access Usage Over Time*

Graph presenting the over-time usage of the Vidispine instance. The Access Usage value always starts from 0 at the beginning of the month.

Storage Size

All storage sizes are shown in bytes with a base of 2, meaning that 1 KB = 1024 bytes (210).

* Access Usage and Access Usage over Time graphs are only shown to customers on the Flex plan.

The over-time graphs in the Cost and Usage Dashboards include a date-picker, where you can select the period of time you want to analyze and its granularity.

Date Picker Granularity Selection

You can pick a period of time from the calendar or just from the pre-defined list on the left. You can also select the granularity of the presentation between Hourly, Daily, and Monthly.

After you finish the selection of the period of time and its granularity, don’t forget to press the Apply button to confirm your changes.