To have a working SSO integration with Vidispine and qibb, we need to be sure that all qibb users are existing in Vidispine. This requires the use of an external User Synchronization Service which will check the users in qibb and Vidispine and if there are any missing services in Vidispine, it would try to create them there.


Before proceeding to the User Sync Service, please make sure to consult and make all necessary changes both in Keycloak and also in Vidispine.


The following article assumes that you have already deployed a generic flow application as described here and that your user has the right to access the Flow Editor.

  1. Navigate to Apps in the qibb menu.

  2. Find your deployed generic flow application and click on it.

  3. Click on Open Flow Editor in the upper right corner.

The deployment of the generic flow application takes a couple of minutes, and you need to wait before clicking on the Open Flow Editor button.

4. Click on Editor Login.

If your user is not part of the group configured during the Access Management configuration you will be presented with an error message stating that your user is not authorized to access this resource. In this case, you can either delete the application and start from scratch or add your user to the group defined while deploying the flow app.

5. Go to Gitlab and find the Archive User Sync repository, click on the flows.json file and copy its content or simply download the JSON file.

6. Once in the Flow Editor, click on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner and select Import.

7. Click on the select a file to import button and import the flows.json you have just downloaded or just paste the content of the JSON file in the text box.

8. Click the Import button and wait till the flow is imported. This would create two new tabs: Config and User Sync.

Next Steps

As the next steps:

  1. Configure the User Synchronization Service in the Flow Editor

  2. Create and Configure Cost and Usage Dashboards MISSING LINK

  3. Create Welcome Screen MISSING LINK