Administrators also have access to the watch folder configuration dashboard from where they can create different watch folders. You can access this menu directly from the Cloud Archive Welcome Screen by pressing on the three horizontal dots in the lower right side of the Upload tile as shown on the screenshot below.

Watch Folder Configuration

Clicking on the above link would lead you to a dedicated dashboard where you can configure your own watch folders:

Watch Folder Configuration Dashboard

From there you can modify, delete or add your own watch folders.

Adding a Watch Folder

You can add your own watch folder by clicking on the small + sign in the lower right corner of the dashboard. This would open a new menu containing the following options:

Watch Folder Creation

  • Storage Type: the storage type of the watch folder

At the time of writing, the only Storage type supported is S3 bucket

  • URI: the URI of the S3 bucket. The format should be: s3://<access_key>:<secret_key>@<bucket_name> where <access_key> and the <secret_key> are the corresponding access and secret key and the <bucket_name> is the name of the S3 bucket

  • Target Storage: by default, the watch folder doesn’t have write rights and target storage is any other Vidispine storage with write access.

  • Speech To Text: enabling speech-to-text would augment the metadata for all the assets with their audio transcripts.

  • Quality Control: enabling quality control would check the quality of the file. This would ensure the content meets the high standards that consumers have come to expect.

  • Quality Control Template: various pre-defined or user-defined quality control templates can be chosen to use for quality control. This field can only be selected after Quality Control is turned on.

  • Tags (optional): these are Vidispine tags that would be automatically assigned to all assets originating from this watch folder.

By default, the speech-to-text option would try to define the dominant language of your video/audio files.

Please note that the Confirm button by default is disabled and would be enabled only if the data defined in the pop-up window is properly defined.


If you want to enable Quality Control for an S3 bucket, you need to add the following policy for the bucket:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "DelegateS3Access",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Principal": {
                "AWS": "arn:aws:iam::838128802737:root"
            "Action": [
            "Resource": [

where the <bucket_name> is the name of your bucket.

This policy would give us access to the object on this bucket and would allow us to automatically apply the QC check on them.

Edit an Existing Watch Folder

You can edit an existing watch folder by clicking on the small pencil icon on the right of the entry and this would open a similar pop-up window but with disabled Storage Type and URI.

The Quality Control Template is also disabled and cannot be updated directly. If you anyway would like to update the template for a specific watch folder, the only way is to toggle off the Quality Control and click Confirm. This would remove the quality check for the watch folder. Then again edit the watch folder and re-enable the Quality Control and select your quality control template.

Watch Folder Editing

Deleting a Watch Folder

You can delete an existing Watch Folder by clicking on the small X icon on the right side of the watch folder. This would open a confirmation window similar to the one below and would only delete the entry when you press the confirm button.

Watch Folder Deletion