Cloud Editing is frame-accurate editing, rapid access to audio and video assets, and the integration of professional tools such as Adobe Premiere and Teradici, and Leostream powered by qibb.

qibb is ready to start from anywhere, with multiple devices, to provide your editors with the flexibility they have never had before.

Cloud Editing solutions create significant speed and productivity benefits for any enterprise organization working with video. Such benefits include collaborative working, content access everywhere, simplified workflows, usage of well-known tools, on-demand editing seats with total cost control, and cost prediction. Techtriq also supports the carbon reduction goals of the media production industry.

Main features

  • Instant access to Cloud Editing Workstations

  • Frame accurate editing of up to 4k/60fps videos in real-time

  • Working with up to 3 UHD monitors

  • Easy onboarding - no hardware or software needed

  • Multiple render output options and powerful rendering performance

  • Unlimited* storage and archival support to meet your workflow needs

  • Ultra-fast access to projects and asset files with LucidLink  

  • Integrated video project management with Helmut4

  • High-security virtual workstations with integrated industry-leading security

  • GDPR compliant solutions

Editors can work with Cloud Editing workstations in the same fashion that they would utilize physical workstations:

  • Usage of up to three 4K/UHD Monitors

  • USB support for options such as voice over with external microphones

  • Immediate access and fast upload of assets with LucidLink clientto