Techtriq’s Cloud Editing solution combines many tools and cloud services. To monitor all resulting costs, qibb provides a cost dashboard intending to show total costs. This cost overview includes variable and fixed costs, such as infrastructure, licenses, and usage. On the cost dashboard, we offer four different types of charts.

Cost dashboard available for supervisors only.

Costs and Trends

These widgets provide you with two pieces of information: First is the expenses in the current calendar month for computing, storage, traffic, and total. The values displayed here are calculated from the 1st day of the month to the current date. These values are aggregated from several services and permit you to consolidate the costs from many Cloud or SaaS providers. Second: On the right side of the widgets you can find a small arrow that indicates an increase or decrease in costs compared with the last month.

Costs overview with an indication for a comparison with the last month.

Costs by Application

As a supervisor, you might be interested in more detailed cost statistics. For example, You know the total cost for your infrastructure in the cloud, but you need to know which application generates the most computing costs. qibb offers two charts for this purpose.

The horizontal bars chart shows all cost-generating applications with value and shares in a bar chart.

The pie chart shows all cost-generating applications with value and shares in a pie chart. At the bottom of the chart, there is a legend. By clicking on the legend items you can remove values from the chart.

Notice: Both widgets are scrollable.

Costs over Time

The “Cost over Time” bar chart offers more information and interactive features than other widgets on this dashboard. The default view is a monthly cost, so you can see the total costs for the last six months. Every bar shows the total cost of a month. The last column on the right gives an assumed cost prediction until the end of the current month. You can get detailed statistics by hovering over the bar chart with the mouse.

The “Cost Over Time” is the most interactive widget on this Cost dashboard.

Disclaimer Message

At the right bottom of the Cost Dashboard, there is a text widget with a disclaimer message. This exists to inform the user about the way qibb is calculating costs, predictions, and currency exchange.

*Charges for the current billing period shown on these reports are estimated charges. Estimated charges shown on this page may differ from your actual charges for this statement period. This is because estimated charges presented on this page do not include usage charges accrued during this statement period after the date you view this page. 

**Forecasted charges are estimated based on historical charges and may differ from your actual charges for the forecast period. Forecasted charges are provided solely for your convenience and do not take into account changes to your use of services after the date on which you view this page.

***All charges and prices are gathered in US dollars or Euro and converted into your preferred currency according to the European Central Bank Exchange rate for the current day.

****All data shown are based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).