qibb is the glue that holds all components together. It integrates all involved applications to enable a smooth user experience with customized UI elements. Each user receives welcome screens with role-dependent quick links. To monitor the solution, qibb visualize the usage of cloud resources as well as infrastructure and license costs. Finally, qibb takes care of image configurations and automated rebuilds based on its Workflow Engine. a

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular professional video editing software choices. Adobe offers Premiere Pro as a part of the Creative Cloud subscription. Cloud Editing solution enables editors to work nearly everywhere and with almost every computer. Video companies can offer editing seats on-demand and enable collaborative working for their editors. More information: ,

LucidLink solves the problem of distance and latency in cloud environments by reducing the traffic between applications and remote storage. By boosting responsiveness LucidLink enables file data to be delivered efficiently and streamed on-demand. More information: https://www.lucidlink.com/


Leostream is used to manage Windows/Linux client workstations in the cloud on-demand. Leostream is a VDI solution that handles deployment, remote connections, and management of hosted desktops and VDI infrastructure. It is being used to schedule the editing workstations, deploy specific requirements based on user groups, and facilitate connections. https://leostream.com/


Teradici PCoIP is a proprietary PC over IP remote access protocol, facilitating access to the remote workstation from the user’s PC. It is particularly well suited for cloud editing as it is capable of lossless compression and allows leveraging the hardware of the virtual desktop to perform tasks then output to the user’s system. https://www.teradici.com/


AWS is the preferred infrastructure partner, providing powerful GPU instances for our editing workstations on demand. AWS is available in multiple regions and provides the highest securities standards. https://aws.amazon.com/