A typical workflow for an editor begins with opening or starting a project in Adobe Premiere Pro. Inside Premiere Pro you need to import assets first before you can cut the video. If the work is done, you save the project and trigger the rendering and export. All these steps will be explained here in more detail.

  1. Use your qibb username and password to log in to the Windows workstation.

  2. Click on the icon of Adobe Premiere Pro to start the video editing software.

  3. Start the LucidLink client to connect with the central asset storage; you will need to log in with your LucidLink account.

  4. Use the import function of Adobe Premiere Pro to load assets from the LucidLink shared folder.

  5. Now you can work with Adobe Premiere as you are used to. You can also add files to your project, e.g. voiceovers via a USB microphone. All data will be synchronized and stored by LucidLink.

  6. After finishing a project you can save it and trigger an export with the Adobe Media Encoder.