In the account preferences, a user can configure additional settings for their account, such as customizing the currency settings and the navigation sidebar.

  1. Select the "Account" button, which appears when you click on your username in the lower left corner of the navigation sidebar.

  2. Access the account preferences by selecting the Account Preferences tab located at the top of the Account page.

How to set and change the default currency

The default currency is set to USD.

  1. After selecting the Edit button in the Default Currency section, a pop up window will open with a list of currencies available worldwide.

2. Select the desired currency from the list and choose Confirm.

Account Preferences - Currency Setting Dialog

3. The view is refreshed and the selected currency is displayed in the Default Currency area.
The selected currency is now set as the default currency for this qibb account.

How to add entries to the sidebar

From the account settings, a user can add entries to their sidebar and select the menu items they want to display in the sidebar. A menu item can be selected from apps, spaces, dashboards, directors, clusters and external links.
This allows the user to quickly access the items listed above and make them a menu item in the sidebar.

To create an item as a custom menu, follow the steps below:

  1. After selecting the Add button in the sidebar section, a dialog box “Add new menu entry“ opens for

    • selecting categories,

    • selecting items and

    • selecting group names.

  2. Select the desired options from the dialog box “Add new menu entry“.

Account Preferences - Add new menu entry

3. Select the Category from the list of provided categories. A user can choose between:

  • Apps

  • Spaces

  • Dashboards

  • Clusters

  • Directors

  • External link

4. Select an Item from the provided list. The list of items varies depending on the selected category.

5. To create a new group, select "Add a new group" under Group name and choose a name for your new group.

6. After a refresh, the newly created menu item, with the group name you specified, appears as a new entry in the upper area of the navigation sidebar.

Next Steps

A next step can be to Edit the User Profile as well as Lookup sessions.