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Azure Cost Management


Microsoft Azure Cost Management is a tool used to monitor, analyze, and optimize the expenses associated with using Microsoft Azure cloud services. It provides users with insights into their cloud spending, helping them understand where their resources are being utilized and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

Azure Cost Management allows users to track usage patterns, set budgets, and receive alerts when spending exceeds predefined thresholds. It also offers detailed reports and visualizations that assist in identifying areas for cost reduction, such as idle or underutilized resources. Overall, Azure Cost Management helps businesses and individuals manage their Azure cloud expenses effectively and make informed decisions to optimize their cloud usage.

How to get started with Azure Cost Management integration

Before you begin, ensure that you have the necessary permissions to perform the integration.

  1. Obtain your Client ID, Client Password, and Tenant ID for authentication purposes.

    1. Use the search bar on your Azure Dashboard to search for Azure Active Directory and click on the Service.

    2. Your Tenant ID is displayed on the starting page of the Azure Active Directory.

    3. In the left toolbar select App registrations.

    4. Locate your application. Your Application (client) ID is displayed here as well. Click on your application name.

    5. In the left toolbar select Certificates & secrets.

    6. Click the link for your Client credentials.

    7. Your Client Password is the Value associated with your Secret ID. Secret values can only be viewed immediately after creation. Be sure to store your secret value in a secure location for use in your project.

  2. Make note of your Api-Version, which you will include as a query parameter. Microsoft provides this documentation: Azure Cost Management REST API reference.

  3. Open the qibb Workflow Editor and click on the Node Catalog button in the right sidebar. Install the Azure Cost Management nodes by clicking on the + button.

  4. Drag and drop the Azure Cost Management Auth and Azure Cost Management API nodes from the left sidebar to your workflow and connect them to build the workflow you need.

  5. Enter your credentials in the Client ID, Client Password, and Tenant ID fields in the Azure Cost Management Auth node.

  6. Enter your API-Version parameter and any other necessary parameters into the Azure Cost Management API nodes and start using the integration!

Additional resources:

Microsoft Cost Management REST APIs

Importing flow examples of a node

Once you've successfully installed a node from the qibb catalog, you can easily import example flows that showcase how the nodes can be used. These example flows are directly accessible within the Flow Editor and are designed to guide users with helpful hints, including how to configure mandatory parameters and credentials.

Here's how to import examples:

  1. In the top right corner of the Flow Editor, click on the menu icon.

  2. Select Import to open the Import Dialog.

  3. Click on the Examples tab.

  4. Choose an example from the list.

  5. Confirm your selection by clicking on the Import button.

By following these steps, you are now ready to make basic API calls using the provided examples. For further exploration of what’s possible, you can find more complex examples in the Flow Catalog.

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