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Browsing Apps

Follow the steps below to search apps on the qibb platform:

  1. Navigate to the qibb portal and search for apps in the navigation sidebar

    Locating the Apps page

This page contains multiple options to simplify the management, search, or overview of the applications:

  • Filters - Filter app by using keywords

  • App kind - Select from the predefined types by which type of application you want to filter:

    • App

    • Flow

    • Doc

  • Spaces - Select or search to filter apps by space name

The user has the additional possibility to choose between two different views:

  • the grid view

  • the list view

Grid view

  • The grid view allows the user to quickly get an overview of the page and see the name and space of the existing application.

    Grid overview of the app page

A quick method to add an app

You can quickly add an app to the space by selecting the plus sign in the app tile. This will open a sidebar containing published apps on the platform. This allows you to quickly add the respective app to the space of your choice from where you started the action.

Add application from the Sidebar

List view

  • The list view allows the user to view more information about the respective app.

  • Additional information is:

    • Tags

    • App kind

    • Created at

    • Vendor

    • Category

      List overview of the page

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