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Catalog of Flows


The Flows page lists all the flows that a user has access to in a compact layout. A compact view displays each entry as a tile with the most important metadata. Each flow card displays name, included nodes or first tag of the node.

Browsing Flows - Compact View


The flows page offers the possibility to filter by search keyword and by tags.

  • Search by keyword works like any other search functionality it only matches the exact keywords.

    Browsing Flows - Filter by Keyword

  • Filter by tags shows the first five tags as a dropdown and gives a possibility to search other tags by name.

    Browsing Flows - Filter by Tags

  • It allows filtering based on a single tag or multiple tags.

  • The result will only include the nodes of the matched tags.

  • The "Clear All" button can be used to delete all applied filters

Next Steps

As a next step, you may want to see Flow Overview.

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