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Browsing group role mappings


Group role mappings list all roles which are assigned or not assigned to a particular group in the table layout.

Browsing group role mappings - Table view


The group role mappings view offers a possibility to filter by search keyword and by the client.

Browsing group role mappings - Search by keyword

  • Search by keyword works like any other search functionality it only matches the exact keywords.

  • Filter by client lists the first five clients as a dropdown and offers the option to search for additional clients by client name.

  • It allows filtering based on a single client or multiple clients.

  • The result contains only the roles of the matching clients.

    Browsing group role mappings - Search all clients

  • The clear all button can be used to clear the applied filters.


The group role mappings table also provides a possibility to sort columns in ascending or descending order.
The following columns are sortable:

  • Role

  • Client

  • Description

Assigned Action

Role Mappings table has an Assigned column that lists all assigned, not assigned, and effective roles of a group.

Toggle Button


  • An active toggle button indicates that a role is already assigned to a group.

  • An inactive toggle button indicates that a role is not yet assigned to a group.

  • A disabled toggle button indicates that a role is already effective for the group.

Next Steps

As a next step, you may want to assign roles to a group.

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