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Configuring the Login Settings


Admins can enable certain options for users on the Login Page.

  • User Registration

  • Forgot Password

  • Remember Me

  • Login with Email

Configuring the Login Settings of your organization

To configure the the Login Settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Login Settings page.

  2. Click on the Toggle button to enable or disable the desired login option.

The new settings will be immediately applied.

User Registration

When enabled, a New User? Register option will be displayed on the Login Page, which unveils a registration form.
After filling out the form, the user will receive an email to validate his email address.

Use this option with caution. When enabled, anyone is able to register. Currently it is not possible to set restrictions on the User Registration.

Forgot Password

When enabled, a Forgot password option will be displayed on the Login Page.
In case a user has forgotten his password, he can request an email which includes instructions and a generated link to reset the password.

If OTP Authentication is enabled and setup for the User's Account, the User will be prompted to reconfigure the OTP App as well.

Remember Me

When enabled, a Remember Me option will be displayed as a checkbox on the Login Page.
Users can tick this option, so that they will remain logged in after closing the browser, as a persistent cookie will be served instead of a session-only cookie.

Login with Email

When enabled, users can login with their email address as an alternative to the username.

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