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Deploying an App


To deploy an App, you can use the provided functionality through the additional menu on the App Detail page.

Deploying an App through the App Detail

To deploy an App through the Apps Detail the following steps need to be performed:

  1. Navigate to ManageApps in the navigation sidebar and select the Add button to deploy an App in a preferable Space.

    Add button to deploy an App

  2. From the newly open Catalog Sidebar select an app to deploy.

    Add button to deploy an App from the Catalog Sidebar

  3. After choosing an App, the Deployment Wizard will open.

    App deployment wizard

General Info

On the General Info page, the first page of the deployment process, you can find a variety of options and text boxes to make basic settings for the deployment of an app, including:

  • Version: Provides the selection of the version of the app available in the catalog.

  • Space: Configure into which space the application will be deployed.

  • Cluster: Select the cluster from the drop-down menu to deploy the application to. If a single cluster exists, it will be automatically selected for you.

  • App Name: Assign a name to the app.

  • Tags: Create keyword tags that let you search or sort the application.

Deployment wizard


The Infrastructure view provides all the technical information of the application that can be displayed either as a Form or as YAML. The integrated code editor can be used to configure and prepare the application for deployment. Note that the YAML editor is a functionality that you may not have access to by default.

Infrastructure overview


In this step, you get a final overview of your application's configuration before the app can be deployed. This is the final step of the deployment process to create the application with the appropriate configuration.

Application deployment Summary window


Once the deployment is completed, you will be informed with a confirmation message, and you can close the window.

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