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Exporting your flows


After deploying some changes, the node and flow parameter will be stored in a flows JSON file. This file can't be accessed or changed through the Flow App, but the current data of your flows can be exported via the Export option in the Editor Menu.

You can export selected nodes, the current flow you were working on, or the entire project with all flows. You can set the file data to be formatted or compact. The data can be downloaded as a JSON file or copied to the clipboard.

The Import option in the Editor Menu lets you import saved JSON files with flow data to load the nodes in the current flow or a new one.

Importing subflows as part of a flow will add this subflow template to the node palette. If you want to delete the imported flow, make shuresure to delete the subflow template as well, since nodes in this subflow can be tied to configuration nodes e.g. WebSocket listeners, which can have unwanted effects on the rest of your project.

You can also use the Project Feature to manage your flow files with Git version control and save them in a Git repository.

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