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Find below the most important qibb terms and their respective meanings.



An app is a microservice which is deployed and managed by qibb. An app typically provides a user interface or application programming interface. Apps are deployed on top of spaces.

App Catalog

The App Catalog offers a collection of apps that can be deployed within a space.


A cluster is a group of distributed computing nodes. It combines their computing power, memory & storage into one entity.


A flow is a set of nodes that process data in sequence.

Flow Catalog

The Flow Catalog offers pre-built flows that can be easily imported and customized in your projects.

Flow Editor


The Flow Editor is the user interface of the Flow App, providing tools for creating and debugging flows.


Nodes are the building blocks and third-party integrations for your flow.

Node Catalog

The Node Catalog offers various integrations to third-party systems that can be easily installed into your flow.


The Portal serves as the primary user interface and entry point for qibb users.


Secrets refer to sensitive parameters, like API keys or user credentials, that can be stored and managed in qibb’s Secret Manager.


Spaces are virtual environments for apps. They can be used to organize apps in multiple ways, such as in projects, environments, or teams.

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