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Multi-factor authentication for qibb users


qibb facilitates the implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA) through the Identity & Access feature in qibb, as detailed in Identity & Access and Managing OTP Policies. Administrators have the ability to set up time-based one time passwords (TOTPs) for individual users, enabling self-service setup during their next login.

Subscription Support

  • Standard and Premium customers are required to contact our service desk to initiate the setup, as the Identity & Access feature is not available in these subscription tiers.

  • Ultimate customers can perform the setup themselves, provided they have suitable administrative rights on the qibb platform.

Initiate the setup of MFA

  • Typically, customers request the MFA setup during the account provisioning process of their users.

  • Alternatively, users can submit a ticket on to initiate the setup.

  • Customers who utilize external Identity Providers for Single Sign-On (SSO) (refer to Connect qibb with external Identity Providers ) are responsible for setting up MFA in their respective Identity Provider, as qibb does not manage this aspect.

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