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Promoting a dashboard as a home screen

Dashboards can be promoted as home screens to other users by having certain tags applied. Users, which don’t have a home screen defined, are presented with a simple screen which encourages configuring the home screen.

The following tags of a dashboard can be used to control the home screen.




Dashboards with this tag will get listed (max 8) on the home screen if no dashboard has been defined as home yet.


If a single dashboard with this tag exists, set or suggest this dashboard as the home.
This logic doesn’t apply if one of the following criteria is met:

  • if the user has access to none or multiple dashboards with this tag.

  • if the user has already a home defined.

Confirmation Dialog

Operators, who have access to the infrastructure of the platform, can configure the behavior of how home screens are promoted to users with the following option:

Environment Variable



Expects boolean value. If true & there is only one dashboard with defaultHomeTag, the user must confirm the setting of the default home screen.
If false & there is only one dashboard with defaultHomeTag, the Portal sets immediately the default home screen without asking the user for confirmation.

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