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Publishing a Flow to the Catalog

To be able to publish a Flow, a user should have access to the functionality of Flow Catalog API. This is currently done through the existing API endpoints using Swagger UI (or other API clients of choice).

Flow Catalog API

qibb is hosting a central Flow Catalog API here. If you are using a dedicated platform deployment, you may have chosen to have a dedicated Flow Catalog API service. In that case, the according URL might be different.

Publishing a Flow is done in two steps. A Flow will be visible in the Flows Catalog only if both of the steps are successful. During the first step, a database entry will be created with basic information for the Flow. During the second step, the Flow entry will be populated with a flow.json, MarkDown description, and OpenAPI definition.

After accessing Flow Catalog API, to publish a Flow the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Access the POST /v1/flows endpoint.

    Posting a flow

  2. After selecting ‘Try it out’ button the functionality of the endpoint will be accessible.

  3. To be able to publish a Flow access through X-API-Key is needed.

    1. Find your X-API-Key.

    2. Click on the ‘Lock’ icon on the left-hand side of the endpoint information.

      Authorization panel

    3. After giving the correct X-API-Key select the ‘Authorize’ button.

  4. Enter valid JSON information describing the flow: Name, Description, Links, Publisher, and Tags.

  5. After selecting Execute you will finish the first step of publishing a flow.

    Execute the first step of publishing a Flow

  6. After a successful Response (Code 200) you will receive the ID of the newly created Flow. The Flow will not be visible in this step of the Flow Creation. A Flow is visible in the Flows Catalog only if flow.json is added to the flow. Save the ID of the flow, because you will need it in the next step.

  7. Adding flow.json, description (in Markdown format) and OpenAPI definition.
    The last step of publishing a Flow is adding the additional information. This is done through the PUT v1/flows/{flowId}/files endpoint.
    flow.json is required to be able to proceed.
    Give the ID of the Flow which was created in the previous step. Choose flow.json,, and openapi.json files which you want to add to the already existing Flow database entry.

    Adding files to existing Flow

    After confirming with Execute the Files will be added to the selected Flow and the Flow will be successfully published to the Catalog.

Next Steps

As a next step, you may want to learn about the Catalog of Flows.

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