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Upgrading a Deployment


The following steps are required to upgrade a deployment:

  1. Navigate to the CatalogApps page.

  2. Select the deployment that should be upgraded.

  3. Select the Deployments tab at the top.

  4. Locate the appropriate app deployment.
    To do this, use information such as App Name and App ID.

  5. The upgrade process is started by pressing the Upgrade button.

  6. Follow the upgrade dialog to update the deployment version and settings.

    1. Select the version to which you want to upgrade your deployment.

    2. Setup basic infrastructure parameters for your new deployment.
      Choose between form and YAML view.

    3. Review your deployment settings and select “Upgrade” to start the upgrade process.

  7. The update process may take a few seconds to a few minutes.

    1. Press the Go To App button to switch to the application.

    2. Select Close to exit the dialog.


In the next step, you may be interested in how to delete a deployment.

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