In addition to qibb core components, the Cloud Playout Solution uses the following third-party software:


The ingest functionality provided by the Cloud Playout Solution is focused on the file-based upload of video content. To upload files, the included makalu Asset Uploader application can be used. Alternatively, other applications can upload files as a background bulk process. To be used properly by the Cloud Playout Solution, uploaded video files are automatically processed, which includes the creation of a thumbnail image, a low-res (proxy) video file, and media information (technical metadata).


The Cloud Playout Solution uses the Singular.Live graphics platform for overlay graphics, that provides tools for composing, controlling, and output of professional graphics. Each output is generated by Singular.Livean can be received by the makalu Automation and can be used as additional layer on top of the main video output.


The Cloud Playout Solution includes a schedule component for strategic/operative as well as rough/daily planning. It enables using uploaded files to create shows, adding shows to playlists as well as adding graphics and other secondary events. A playlist can be added to a rundown in the makalu Automation to define the content the playout should play.


The makalu Automation component is used to control one or more players running on playout instances, that are seamlessly playing video files from a playlist. In addition to file-based content, live segments (provided to the automation as web streams) can also be used as an input source for the playout. The automation can be controlled either manually by the operator or scheduled/time-triggered via the planning component. The player output can be distributed to the web, OTT, and IPTV targets or can alternatively be sent as a broadcast transport stream.


The administration component is visible only to users with administrator rights. Through this, an administrator can access the playout channel management service and can view his usage and costs of the environment via the two provided dashboards.