A user with the rights of an Administrator has the tiles Ingest, Graphics, Schedule, and Automation at his disposal, through which he can reach the corresponding components of the playout recipe. The processes are the same as for Playout Operators.

Getting started as Operator

Using the related actions of the ingest tile, users have options to upload and view their assets, as well as the ability to manage their live sources.
Via the related actions of the automation tile, the specific features for running shows can be accessed and the stream targets can be managed.

Administrator can additionally access the administration tile, through which he can reach the related actions for opening the cost and usage dashboard, as well as actions for channel management.

Welcome Screens also provide the user with the option to access the documentation of the playout recipe and, in case of a support request, to contact the support.

An Administrator has two dashboards at his disposal, which he can access through the related actions of the administration tile:

  • the cost dashboard and

  • the usage dashboard.

The cost and usage Dashboards are tools that enable you to view and analyse your costs and usage. You can explore your usage and costs using the graphs and the value cards. You can view data for up to the last 12 months, and check whether you are approaching one of the limits of your subscription plan. You can use the Cost and Consumption Dashboards to identify areas that need further inquiry and see trends that you can use to understand your costs