The administrator or the operator can navigate to the Playout welcome screen. The streaming dashboard can be accessed from the automation tile under the dropdown menu 'Manage your streams'.

Cloud Playout Welcome Screen

After clicking on the menu item, it will open a dedicated dashboard in a new tab.

Streaming Dashboard

A list of the channel(s) is displayed if available, where you can add, edit or delete a channel. The channel can be started or stopped depending on the state of the channel. A preview of the channel is also possible if the channel is in a 'started' state.

Add a Channel

You can add a new channel by clicking on the plus '+' icon.

Add a New Channel Dialog Box

  • Channel name: Name of the channel (Must be unique)

  • Main Source: The main source of the channel. The channel source is defined in Mediakind.

  • Backup Source (optional): Used as a backup source of the channel. It cannot be the same as the main source.

  • Template: Transcoding template that can be selected [ SD (480p), HD (720p), HD+ H264 (1080p), HD+ HEVC (1080p) and UHD (4k) ].

A channel can only be started if the selected template quota is available for the account.

  • Timeshift Buffer: Duration of the channel’s timeshift buffer in hours.

Update a Channel

A channel can be updated by clicking on the 'pencil' icon on the table.

Please note that a channel can only be updated in 'stopped' state.

Update a Channel Dialog Box

Delete a Channel

A channel can be deleted by clicking on the cross 'x' icon on the table.

A channel can only be deleted in 'stopped' state.

Delete a channel dialog box

Start a Channel

A channel can be started by clicking on the 'play' icon on the table. It might take a couple of minutes to completely start a channel. During this period, the state of the channel gets updated and the play icon is replaced with a little clock icon.

Please note that you cannot do any changes to this channel until its state changes to STARTED.

Starting a Channel

Stopping a Channel

A channel can be stopped by clicking on the 'stop' icon on the table. It might also take a few seconds to a minute to completely stop a channel. The state of the channel also gets updated during this period.

Please note that no further actions can be done for that channel until it is completely STOPPED.

Stopping a Channel

Preview a Channel

A channel can be previewed by clicking on the 'preview' icon on the table.

The preview icon is active (clickable) only if the channel is in 'Started' state.

After clicking on the preview icon, it opens a dialog.

Channel Playout Dialog Box

There are 2 input fields (read-only) for HLS and DASH. You have the option to copy the URL to the clipboard by clicking on the 'copy' icon, and another option to play by clicking on the 'play' icon. After clicking on the play icon either for HLS or DASH, the video will be played on a new tab.

Channel Preview Tab