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Automated Livesource Recording Flow


The automated live source recording flow is listening for WebSocket connections by checking for NotifyType and PropertyType from the AutomationAPI WebSocket and triggers the recording job when it finds a live source in the cue.

How it works

  • Create Recording Job
    When the live source is at Cue state in the playlist, a recording job is triggered. The name of the file is autogenerated with the combination of liveSourceName_timestamp.

    Playlist Overview and Cued Live Source

  • Start Recording Job
    The recording is automatically triggered when the state of the live source changes to On Air.

    Playlist Overview and Ongoing Recording Job

  • Stop Recording Job
    After the live event is completed, the recording job is stopped and jobID is deleted.

    Stopped Recording Job

Viewing Recorded File

The recorded video can be viewed on Asset Viewer.

Assets Viewer

Click on the LAST MODIFIED column to sort the files by modification date. You can see the files inside the defined DESTINATION PATH in the flow.

Every recording job creates the following files in the DESTINATION PATH:

  1. Original recorded file

  2. Proxy (low-res) file

  3. Original file checksum

  4. Thumbnail

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