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How-To Create MS Teams Webhooks


Incoming Webhook lets external applications share content in Microsoft Teams channels. Webhooks are used as tools to track and notify. The webhooks provide a unique URL, to send a JSON payload with a message in card format.


MS Teams Webhook URI Generation

You can create a webhook URL for any of the channels, considering that you have management rights to this channel.

  • You need to click on the three horizontal dots on the selected channel and select the Connectors entry as shown below:

Channel Connectors

  • From here you can create a new webhook or edit the existing ones:

Incoming Webhooks

  • Clicking on Configure would display you a new window where you can create a new webhook:

MS Teams Webhook Creation

  • You need to give it a Name, this is the sender’s name that would be displayed when receiving incoming webhooks.

  • Then you can upload a custom image, this is the profile picture displayed in the incoming webhooks.

qibb Notifications Webhook

  • When you are ready, just click on the Create button and a Webhook URL would be generated, which is the endpoint URL for your webhooks.

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