This page describes the way to deploy the custom nodes in the flow from Node Catalog. qibb provides a lot of custom nodes that can be easily installed in the flow app.


Our qibb platform provides many custom nodes. These nodes are providing you the ability to interact with a lot of third-party applications and they can be easily deployed in a custom flow directly from the Flow editor.

This page provides a detailed description of how to do this.


  • You need to open your flow app in the Flow editor where the node needs to be installed.

  • Click on the top right on the downward-facing arrow. This would open a drop-down list of available options. Click on the Node Catalog option.

Node Catalog

  • This will present a list with all available catalog nodes on the right. You can search in the list of nodes from the search bar, install a node by clicking on the ➕ sign or upgrade a node by clicking on the refresh icon.

Node Catalog

Please note that the node installation or upgrade might take up to a couple of minutes, so please be patient.

  • After the node is deployed, it can be used in the flow and it should appear on the left-hand side of the flow editor, from where you could drag and drop it in your flow editor and start using it.

List of installed node