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Adding members to a Space

Qibb offers the possibility to manage members of a Space and thereby define which members are allowed to enter, edit or view the applications in the respective Space.

  1. Navigate to Manage → Spaces and locate the space you wish to edit and add members to.

  2. In the upper-right part of the Space overview view, you will find options too.

    • Delete Space - Select if you want to delete this space.

    • Edit Details - Change space name and description and the cluster where the space is located.

    • Manage Members - Allows you to manage, add or remove members to the space.

  3. Select “Manage Members“ to add members to a space.

If the list view is selected in the Space Section, you can access the option to manage members directly from the corresponding button of the Actions column in the table

4. To add a user select the + sign at the bottom of the table and search for the user or group you wish to add to the space.

5. After selecting a user or group, choose the roles from the drop-down menu. The following roles are available:

  • Owner - Administration rights and all permissions to edit and manage the space

  • Viewer - Can view and open a Space, but has no editing rights.

  • Editor - Can view and open a Space and has the right to edit a Space.

Select the Role of the Group or the User

6. Add a user or group to the Space by clicking the checkmark icon.
Cancel the changes by clicking the appropriate icon.

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