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Spaces resemble virtual slices of infrastructure resources and provide fine-grained control of access and available resources over the infrastructure on which the Space exists.

Spaces combine a variety of functions into a single management layer:

  • Virtual control and isolation of infrastructure resources

  • Control resource consumption with allocation rules

  • Access management for Clusters, Applications, Containers and Container Image Registries

  • Aggregation layer for data collection, such as Logs and Metrics

Aggregation of collected data

Spaces provide an aggregated view of data generated by applications that can be used for data monitoring and queries.

All log messages and metrics can be queried and aggregated by a specific Space ID to monitor your infrastructure and identify critical errors, if necessary.

As a Space supports correlation for the applications it contains, it can help identify the root cause of the context of an error. For example:

  • Breakdown of log messages to identify the root cause of failure

  • Breaking down metrics to identify unusual or irregular resource consumption and usage

  • Breakdown of metrics to identify application stability

  • Breakdown of network metrics to identify unusual and irregular connections and communications




Logs provide information about the stability of all applications that the Space contains.


Metrics provide information about the fine-grained resource allocation and the usage of the Space over time.

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