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Catalog of Nodes


The Nodes page lists all the custom nodes that a user has access to in a compact layout. A compact view displays each entry as a tile with the most important metadata. Each custom node card displays an icon, name, and first tag of the node.

Browsing Nodes - Compact View


The nodes page offers the possibility to filter by search keyword and by tags.

  • Search by keyword works like any other search functionality it only matches the exact keywords.

    Browsing Nodes - Filter by keyword

  • Filter by tags shows the first five tags as a dropdown and gives a possibility to search other tags by name.

    Browsing Nodes - Filter by tag

  • It allows filtering based on a single tag or multiple tags.

  • The result will only include the nodes of the matched tags.

  • The "Clear All" button can be used to delete all applied filters

Nodes in “Upcoming” and “Preview” stage

Nodes can go through different stages in the catalog, which indicates their availability and maturity:




  • This item is considered to be added in future.

  • Nodes in this stage can not be installed via the node catalog of the Flow Editor.


  • This item is available for early access. It is still in development and may contain experimental features or limitations.

  • This stage allows contributors to publish nodes early and collect feedback from other users.

  • Nodes in this stage can be installed via the node catalog of the Flow Editor.

Typically, a catalog item gets first published with the Upcoming stage while working on it. When it's ready to be used by a wider audience, the Upcoming stage will transition to the Preview stage, so that other users can easily install it with the tools qibb is offering. At a later stage when the node has reached stability, the Preview indicator gets removed with a new published version of the node.

Next Steps

As a next step, you may want to see Node Overview .

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