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ElevenLabs offer high-quality pre-made voices, a Voice Design feature that allows you to create unique voices and a cloning feature for replicating existing voices. You can create a lifelike voiceover for your content or use our AI voice generator as an easy-to-use text reader.

ElevenLabs AI has been trained on a vast amount of audiobooks, and to a lesser extent, podcasts. This is the context it understands the best, and it provides the most predictable results when generating audio. If you write something in the style of a book, the AI can sometimes interpret how to perform a certain passage from the context of the writing itself.

With each successive update to the model, where it has been re-trained, the AI gets better and better at understanding different contexts as its dataset grows. This will help it understand more nuances between humans, languages, and accents.

ElevenLabs API brings the most compelling, rich, and lifelike voices to creators and developers. You can use ElevenLabs services programmatically together with your xi-api-key.

You can find more details and the supported operations at ElevenLabs | qibb Catalog.

How to get started with ElevenLabs integration

Before you get started with ElevenLabs integration, please make sure that you have the needed permissions for the operations.

To get started, you will need your xi-api-key for authentication. If you do not already have these credentials, you can create them by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to your ElevenLabs Account and in the upper right corner click on your profile picture and choose Profile from the menu.

  2. Next, click on the eye icon on your profile to access your xi-api-key. Save your xi-api-key to be able to use it later.

Now you have your xi-api-key and you can proceed further.

  1. Go to qibb Workflow Editor, open Node Catalog in the right sidebar, and install the ElevenLabs node by clicking on the + button.

  2. Drag the ElevenLabs API node, and any other nodes you require from the left sidebar to your flow and connect them.

  3. Open the ElevenLabs API node you need to use, select an operation, and write your xi-api-key in the apiKey field, part of the Advanced section. You can start using the integration!

Importing flow examples of a node

Once you've successfully installed a node from the qibb catalog, you can easily import example flows that showcase how the nodes can be used. These example flows are directly accessible within the Flow Editor and are designed to guide users with helpful hints, including how to configure mandatory parameters and credentials.

Here's how to import examples:

  1. In the top right corner of the Flow Editor, click on the menu icon.

  2. Select Import to open the Import Dialog.

  3. Click on the Examples tab.

  4. Choose an example from the list.

  5. Confirm your selection by clicking on the Import button.

By following these steps, you are now ready to make basic API calls using the provided examples. For further exploration of what’s possible, you can find more complex examples in the Flow Catalog.

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