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Creating a Space

In the qibb platform, apps are organized into Spaces.
The use of Spaces allows qibb to organize resources for one or more apps used in a workflow.

  1. Navigate to ManageSpaces.

  2. Select Create New Space at the top right corner.

  3. A setup wizard will open where you can insert the necessary information into the input fields

    1. Title - The name or title of your space.

    2. Description - Describe what your space will be used for, what type of applications, etc. This serves to help everyone quickly understand what the general intent of the space is.

    3. Available Clusters - Select in which of the available clusters your Space should be created.
      Each cluster is labeled with a provider that indicates which infrastructure it is currently running on.

    4. Enter your data and create your Space by selecting the Confirm button.

  4. After a short provisioning time, the page will reload and you can find your Space in the list.

The Spaces section provides additional options for searching and filtering:

  • Filter - Search for a particular Space.

  • Create By - Filter the Spaces created by you.

  • Clear all - Clear all active filters.

  • Spaces Reload Button - Refresh the the data in spaces field to update the overview if there have been any changes.

  • List View - Change from table to list view. The list view provides more information about the spaces and lists them in a table. This option provides buttons on the right side of the page for access options that allow you to either pin the area to the top, edit it or manage the members of this area.


In the next step, you may be interested in how to add members to a space.

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