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Importing a flow from the catalog


qibb offers a catalog of flows, which can be copied and imported to a flow app.

If you don’t have a flow app yet, you need to deploy one first following Deploy an App or contact your administrator to provide access to one.

Importing a flow from the catalog to your app can be done with just a few steps:

  1. Navigate to Catalog • Flows and click on a flow to load the Overview page.

  2. Click the Copy Flow button, which will copy the flow into your clipboard.

  3. Navigate to the Flow Editor of your flow app.

  4. Open the import dialog by clicking on Menu>Import or by using the key shortcut Ctrl/⌘-i.

  5. Paste the flow from the clipboard into the text area field.

  6. Confirm by clicking the Import button.

The Flow Editor will show notification popups after importing a flow:

  • A list of successfully imported items, including flows, subflows, groups, nodes and configuration nodes

  • A list of “unrecognized types” which contains the names of involved nodes that are required, but not installed on the flow app.

How to install unrecognized nodes

  • In case the imported flow involves nodes from the Node Catalog of qibb, you will need to install the required nodes by following the steps of Using the qibb Node Catalog plugin.

  • In case the imported flow involves nodes from the public Node-Red community, use the Palette Manager to install the required nodes.

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